Not-so-latest latest update about us


Update in summary: We moved to Tokyo, period. For work reason, period.

It’s been four months (that’s where the not-so-latest part came from) since we moved here. First of all, I want to thank my husband for his ceaseless support. He quit his job without any hesitation and agreed to move with me. We are now settled down in a cozy but very small apartment not far from Tokyo Tower. Four months make me feel like a somewhat local here, though the Japanese words I know how to use are no more than 20. However, looking back, it feels like a quite long while since we started living in Tokyo.

What made us move to start with? For over a year, I had been looking for internal opportunities in and out of Beijing. The team members are great but the job itself didn’t give me much sense of accomplishment and achievement. Within Asia Pacific region, I primarily searched all opportunities in Singapore but one day, a co-worker mentioned something about working in Tokyo. I was struck with the idea: why not check positions in Tokyo? That’s how I landed with the current position. But I have to say, the strongest motivation, aside from the previous role, is the team’s decision to move to Hong Kong. I’ve never been a fan of that place.

Last weekend, all the members from my previous team moved to Hongkong, which made me wonder how time flied. The communication of moving to HK was made last September but it feels so close by. When checking some photos, I can’t believe that they were taken in 2012 or 2013. This made me more miserable in the sense that I can’t recall what I achieved or did in the last couple of years. I want to do something monumental to remember how my life goes by. It doesn’t need to be magnificent. What matters is it makes sense to me.

Wish you all the best until next blog:)


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