An update: Singapore


It’s interesting to see how things turn out. And we end up in Singapore now!! We both agreed that Tokyo wouldn’t be our permanent home location, but we didn’t expect an opportunity to move to Singapore come up so early either. Long story short, we are almost 4 months in Singapore now after spending 21 amazing months in Tokyo.

At our age, I consider ourselves lucky to have the chance of experiencing three great cities in Asia: Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore. Each has its own personality and unique in its own way. Looking back at our times in Tokyo, I would say that we made pretty good use of the stay: We explored most of the corners in the city (many by walking), sampled many well-hidden eating places and frequented some historic and exquisite coffee shops.

We also traveled a lot outside Tokyo, from crowded touristy places of Osaka and Kyoto to the very far east of Hokkaido, from historical Nikko to beautiful and humble Atami. Tokyo nurtured some habits into our life as well, like jogging, putting an extra pair of shoes in restroom, etc. I’m happy to say that there are not many regrets when leaving (Of course there are some but they are a good reason to go back!).

After moving to Singapore, we spent our first 3 months in a service apartment. So we can honestly say that we are tired of the white linens in hotels 🙂 The service and the rooms are very nice, good location and everything, but we were excited to get our own rented place and start to experience the life as any normal Singaporeans or expats that got the city packed.

We are happy about where we are and trying to establish the order of our island life, but change may quickly as these past two years show. Who knows where our next stop will be? Somewhere else in Asia? Europe? America? I’d like to keep options open.


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