We moved to Singapore!! Drop us a note if you want to hangout. Our interests: Good food, nature, coffee shops, bookstore and all the hidden treasure that Singapore has to offer:)


The blog is still named Beijinghome when actually we moved to Tokyo last March. Almost a year since the move. We would like to explore the city and the country more so if you are interested in hanging out, please send us a message. Places we have in mind are scenic spots, bookstores, coffee shops, food:)
We are a couple living in Beijing for quite a few years. To cut a long story short, we both came here in 2004 for study and we met each other and got together, and this April we got married.

We share our love and dislikes of Beijing.  We tour the forbidden city, the summer palace, and the long narrow hutongs, where typically, an elderly would toddle about selling evening newspapers, shouting in his coarse, shrieking voice, his grizzled eyebrows glittering in the warm red sunset.

We also see how the environment worsens through the years. The Chinese dragon used to breathe cloud and wind. Now it coughed from smoke, thanks to the city’s large areas of newly risen buildings, which amount to the annual total of that across Europe.

Complaining is most useless when it is about life. Drink tea, coffee, and a little alcohol, and life would feel intoxicating. Or do you intoxicate life?

Anyway, give us a little sleep and peace like babies in their cradles.

Tomorrow, the sun also rises. In Beijing, we eat, pray and love.


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