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A part-time job makes you a real full-time worker


I was stuck in a translation job from English to Chinese for the last few days. So my whole day is like after my day job, I continue with my evening job. Last night I even worked into the dead of night, past 12 p.m!

You know, everyone is exhausted after a full day’s work and wants to relax. And I’m no exception.

Are you thinking maybe the payment is attractive? Otherwise why would I have to do it?

You’re wrong. When the day job doesn’t give you a fair pay, you have to make up for your expense by having a second one, or quit and make for a more lucrative one. But the possibility of the latter is minimal in the job market for an English language major in China.

The choice I made is trading freedom of like twenty hours this week for more freedom in buying staff. Would that be a fair trade? Is my day job a fair trade of freedom? I can never tell. Perhaps this is just not the way things are working, and I probably should change to other lines of thinking.

If I compare my jobs with other people, at least I find fun once in a while in translation and avoiding translationese and trading the meaning in one language to another.

Any opinions on deciding on a part-time job in expense of your hours of happiness? or opinions on being a translator?

The twilight in Gotland – Breakfast Poetry


As the sun rises slowly in the morning, we keep our pace with the sun.

No rushing to work.

Because as you rush, your spirit may get lost.

Instead, sit down, read a poem and awaken your spirit.

Instead of breakfast tea, we have a cup of breakfast poetry.

The Twilight of Gotland 

(Written by Lan Lan <a Chinese poet>,

Translated by Beijinghome)


蓝蓝  作

Beijinghome  译

” Ah! Everything is so perfect!”


I sat on the grass, the bitterness like the flood around my feet


Pouring into my eyes.


Older waves were afar, younger ones nearby.


Seagulls perched on a reef alike


a church’s roof tip.


When they faded away in the twilight, stars loomed


Over our heads.


No. There was nothing missing.


Breeze, grass, sunset, and the sea.


There was nothing missing.


Peace, affluence, tranquility, and the church’s evening bell.


Perfection is rejection. I was shocked at the view


Without parents, children, and relatives,


And no chaotic streets in my neighborhood.


— The soiled happiness


Enlarged the shade of my eyes…


It seemed like an unintentional insult


For you, you hard, rounded sun setting into Baltic Sea


I was an outsider, one from China,


A stranger with a blue heart.


The twilight in Gotland turned everything into a nightmare.


Yes. There is no view colder than this.