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A part-time job makes you a real full-time worker


I was stuck in a translation job from English to Chinese for the last few days. So my whole day is like after my day job, I continue with my evening job. Last night I even worked into the dead of night, past 12 p.m!

You know, everyone is exhausted after a full day’s work and wants to relax. And I’m no exception.

Are you thinking maybe the payment is attractive? Otherwise why would I have to do it?

You’re wrong. When the day job doesn’t give you a fair pay, you have to make up for your expense by having a second one, or quit and make for a more lucrative one. But the possibility of the latter is minimal in the job market for an English language major in China.

The choice I made is trading freedom of like twenty hours this week for more freedom in buying staff. Would that be a fair trade? Is my day job a fair trade of freedom? I can never tell. Perhaps this is just not the way things are working, and I probably should change to other lines of thinking.

If I compare my jobs with other people, at least I find fun once in a while in translation and avoiding translationese and trading the meaning in one language to another.

Any opinions on deciding on a part-time job in expense of your hours of happiness? or opinions on being a translator?